Enjoy adding the perfect pizazz to any of your creative projects with the soft, warm, natural look of Sulky Rayon Thread, the luster and strength of Poly Deco® or PolyLite® Polyester Thread, the sheen of Sulky Cotton Thread in Solids or Blendables, or the brilliance of Sulky Metallic Thread.


Sulky Invisible Polyester Thread

Invisible Polyester Thread | Sulky.com Sulky Premium Invisible Thread is a very fine .004 polyester monofilament that is soft enough for baby quilts or garments that will be worn next to the skin. It is much more heat tolerant than nylon; it will not melt with normal ironing through the cotton setting. It is perfect for machine "hand-look" quilting, stitching in the ditch, invisible appliqué, and for hems. Choose smoke for darker fabrics and clear for lighter fabrics . Recommended Needle Size: 10/70 - 14/90 

 440 yd. Spools

2,200 yd. Spools

24,600 yd. Cones

Sulky Thread Charts for Reference