Enjoy adding the perfect pizazz to any of your creative projects with the soft, warm, natural look of Sulky Rayon Thread, the luster and strength of Poly Deco® or PolyLite® Polyester Thread, the sheen of Sulky Cotton Thread in Solids or Blendables, or the brilliance of Sulky Metallic Thread.


Sulky 40 Wt. Poly Deco™ Thread

Sulky 40 Wt. Poly Deco™ Thread | Polyester Emboidery Thread | Sulky.com 40 Wt. Poly Deco embroidery thread, Sulky’s top quality, lower priced, trilobal polyester thread, is shiny, strong and colorfast. It is perfect for appliqué and embroidery on work clothes, children's clothing, sports clothes, or any garment that will be bleached or washed frequently. Recommended Needle Size: 12/80 or 14/90 Embroidery Needle - See more at: http://www.sulky.com/catalog/sub/thread/polyester/polydeco/#sthash.5D9I1Buq.dpuf

250 yd. Snap Spools

900 yd. King Spools

5,500 yd. Jumbo Cones

Sulky Thread Charts for Reference