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Roll and Press - Roll to press a seam or fold. Straight, curved or paper pieced seams. The roll & Press is convenient and quick to press seams at the sewing machine.


Supersize 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge. Multifunctional 11" sliding guage: seam allowance gauge, circle compass, hem guage, spacing & marking buttonholes, and use as a "T" ruler. Center sliding gauge can be set at 1/8" increments.


Ironing Mat - This Ironing Mat is perfect for ironing over delicate fabrics, prints, or doing crafty things that require an iron but get stuck on the bottom and ruin your iron!

  • Allows all the steam to pass through the holes
  • Great for machine embroidery projects
  • No more scorch patches
  • Works as a pressing cloth, no more shine left behind
  • Protects all prints and delicate fabrics
  • 100% safe heat transfer
  • Reusable
  • The size of the Mat is 10 x 13.5 

LED Cob Light Switch - Stick or lay anywhere to shed light. No wiring needed.


Necklines to Hemlines T-shirt Remakes I - Nancy Zieman and Eileen Roche will teach you to use your embroidery machine to quickly transform a top from plain to dazzling. These fashionable neckline transformations, stunning sleeve embellishments, decorative side seam transformations, and hemline border designs make it easy to update your wardrobe with designer touches.

  • Specially digitized designs make it simple to change the shape of the shirt's neckline and add classy motifs all in the same hooping - no sewing skills required!
  • Embellish sleeves with coordinating designs.
  • Transform and relax a tight hemline with side seam embroidery.
  • Add coordinating border designs to the hemline.
  • Bonus Back Bling designs add a special unique touch.

Necklines to Hemlines I is a multi-format CD with 3 collections to transform necklines, sleeves, side seams and hemlines. All three necklines require one hooping in the 6” x 10” hoop or two hoopings in the 5” x 7” hoop. All three side seam designs require one hooping in the 6” x 10” hoop or two hoopings in the 5” x 7” hoop. All five sleeves come in right and left versions and require just one hooping in the 5” x 7”hoop. Both border designs require two 5” x 7” hoopings. Both back bling designs require one 5” x 7” hooping.